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Morphosis is a leader in the field of personal training with a focus on physical and psychological transformation and monitoring the healthy lifestyle of its clients.


The customer came to us when they already had the pool of
trainers and customers, but the existing system for monitoring all
data and communication both between clients and trainers and
between trainers and Morphosis itself was on very low level.

The idea of the app was to provide all of the users different set of
functionalities such as nutrition journal, communication with
personal trainer, and monitors clients’ performance.

Our role

Our role was to design a complete solution, define all processes between different parties and present all relevant information in a simple way. So we designed both mobile app and web app, and then our experienced development team turned the UI/UX team’s ideas into the code that makes it all possible.




Mobile App


Web App




At each demonstration, we showed a finished part of the functionality to the client so that they could ‘touch and feel’ the project and give feedback.

Client side

Trough the app employees have an insight into the results they made that day, they can search trough their history data, see and request benefits, as well as manage their profile.

Company side

Trough their Admin Dashboard managers in the company have the ability to manage all employees, display and manage requirements needed to use the benefits and also generate different types of reports.

BDID Studio

Website Dev

Biznis Korak

Web & Mobile Apps