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Biznis Korak

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Biznis Korak is a new startup project founded by AceBears.

As well as bringing your ideas to life, we are just as passionate about working on projects that are a product of our own ideas.

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The primary goal of Biznis Korak is to companies improve employee health as well as increase their motivation and productivity with various benefits.

Technological progress has revolutionized the way we do business, but it has come with a price. Today’s workforce is far more sedentary than ever before. Instead of walking down the hall we just send an email or a text message. This has produced a less healthy workforce. That’s why this Software as a Service solution
was born.

With a campaign “Healthy lifestyle as a part of business culture” Biznis Korak helps companies encourage walking during breaks as well as before and after work. With this solution companies can track the activity of each employee and reward them accordingly.

Our role

Our role was to involve in all parts of developing successful
Startup, including market research, business development,
UI/UX design, and software development.


Limited time for collecting points

The first problem we encountered was how to set restrictions on
collecting information about the steps employees have made.

With the set of various checks and with the help of information we
get from communicating with the mobile phone sensor, we
enabled setting time limits during day within which the
employees can collect points and collect numerous benefits.

Excanging steps for benefits

Although the initial idea was an app that would enable collecting
points by tracking your steps and then exchanging them for a
time off work, our Business Development team didn’t want to
stop there.

We made a modular platform that allows each company to define
a set of benefits they offer with a limited time period and also to
determine the number of points needed to collect them.



  • Polishing the idea
  • Defining scope
  • Time and budget evaluation


  • Competitive analysis

UI/UX design

  • User journey map
  • Concept
  • Preparing interface
  • Company dashboard


  • Demonstration

Brand Identity


We wanted to make a logo that would tell a story
of our goal right off. After a lot of creative sketching
and brainstorming we came up with a perfectly
simple solution showing footprints on a briefcase
symbolizing the impact this project will have on
today’s work enviroment.

Colors & Typeface

We wanted our primary colors to represent our solution as reliable, and important, while the unusual and vibrant accent colors represent our creativity and passion, giving our design a fresh look that symbolizes new approach and a change we want to make.







Client side

Trough the app employees have an insight into the results they made that day, they can search trough their history data, see and request benefits, as well as manage their profile.

Company side

Trough their Admin Dashboard managers in the company have the ability to manage all employees, display and manage requirements needed to use the benefits and also generate different types of reports.


We developed the first version of the Admin Dashboard and App for employees and we are very happy with the results. We continued working on new features and improvements defined in our project roadmap.

App store and Google Play

The app is now available on the App Store and Google Play.


Web & Mobile Apps

BDID Studio

Website Dev